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Customer Feedback of the Month – May 2011

Dear Hormone Solutions:

I felt compelled to write you this e-mail, as Profeme 3.2 has literally changed my life; mentally, emotionally and physically.

I went through menopause at age 42 in 2002 with no side effects. I was going to the gym four days a week, trying to eat right and just living my life. Everything seemed to be OK. However, in mid 2009, my body seemed to be rebelling against me. Symptoms included great sadness, a slow but stead weight gain totaling 20 lbs. in two years, adult acne, very dry skin, tender breasts, horrible mood swings, and if that was not enough, excessive facial hair on one side of my face.

I looked at myself in the mirror one day and did not recognize myself. I knew I needed some help but from where? What symptoms were I suppose to address first; the physical, mental or emotional? I was so depressed that on some days I did not even bother to get out of bed. I made an appointment with my primary care physician and he put me on anti-depressants. He told me to be patient, as they sometimes took a month or so to start working. I waited and waited and all I felt was numb, as if I was unable to feel any emotions at all. Then the leg spasms and sleeplessness set in, so after nine months of taking them, I weaned myself off of them. I was back to square one.

As I was contemplating my next move, two conversations I had with two different women several years ago came to mind. We had been discussing mental health and well-being during these conversations. They both had mentioned they used hormone cream. They both stated that the cream was there salvation and that they could not imagine what they would be like if they quit using it.

I started my research on hormone creams on the internet in late February of this year. I spent about two hours reading various retail sales websites, Harvard and Cornell University medical websites and forums on hormone creams. And then I found Hormone Solutions website. Your well put together website with easy navigation, the presentation of your product coupled with the large volume of information available to me, along with the Natural Progesterone Self Assessment Questionnaire convinced me that this was the right product for me.

I started ProFeme 3.2 at the smallest dose on March 7th. Today is April 13th. Although the information on your website says to expect solid results in approximately three months, I am amazed at what has happened for me so far. My acne is going away; my facial hair has softened and is no longer prominent on one side of my face; my breasts are no longer tender; my depression and sadness have pretty much gone away, and; I now have hope for the future. I believe I was suffering from severe Natural Progesterone Deficiency and Estrogen Dominance. I can only imagine how I am going to feel three months from now.

Please feel free to use any part of the e-mail, minus my name, for any testimonials on your website or to show the people who actually developed this product in your company that they have given me my life back. I shutter to think of the thousands of women out there who are suffering the same symptoms as I was, yet are uneducated about your product and what it could do for them. I definitely will sing the praise of ProFeme 3.2 to any woman that wants to listen.

Thank you again and please stay in business for the next 40 years!



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