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Taking 150 mg of Synthroid daily, Other than that nothing.

Please let me express my sincere gratitude for all the help. Everything you have mentioned is EXACTLY in line with what I’ve been doing.

I just wish the US Drug companies were more in evolved with he...
- Tom M.

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Testosterone Introduction

The bioidentical hormone testosterone is an essential hormone produced by both men and women that plays a crucial role in the health and well being of our bodies.

The term bioidentical hormone refers to the identical hormone to that produced naturally by the testes or ovaries in men and women. A bioidentical hormone has the exact chemical finger print as that which is made by the human body. Many pharmaceutical hormones are not bioidentical hormones, but rather synthetic analogues which may have similar actions as bioidentical hormones, but are usually stronger, have unwanted side effects and are patented.

Many myths and misunderstandings exist as to the activity and effects that hormones, including testosterone, exert on humans.

Testosterone supplements were for many years considered a taboo area of medicine especially in women, but focus has shifted in recent years and the benefits to patients have become apparent with controlled scientific research.

Today the variety of treatment options are greater, how testosterone works is better understood and supplemented testosterone treatments are closely monitored and tailored to meet individual requirements.

Not all aspects of testosterone are covered within this website and further advice and information should be sought from your medical practitioner if areas of clarification are required. Health professionals and users requiring more technical information on testosterone use please visit www.doctordirect.com.au.

If you feel you have some of the symptoms mentioned please visit your doctor so he or she can investigate the cause and outline an appropriate course of treatment.

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