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From: kathy b. [mailto:kxxxxx@littlemead.co.uk]
Sent: Thursday, 5 May 2011 4:22 PM
To: Michael Buckley
Subject: re:Androfeme

Dear Michael,

I can`t thank you enough for your prompt despatch of the ...
- Kathy B.

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In order to use the Hormone Solutions service there are areas on our site where you must provide personal information about yourself. We have therefore developed the following Privacy Policy to inform you of our policy and practices regarding such information. We will take all reasonable steps to act in accordance with this policy in respect of your information.

When you order products we will collect only the information necessary for the delivery and billing of the purchase.

Hormone Solutions will routinely give visitors the opportunity to provide addition information to assist in the development of a better service. If you supply additional feedback it will not be linked or associated with the personal information you have provided in placing an order.

We will treat any information you provide to us as strictly confidential. We will not reveal, disclose, sell, rent, share or pass on information you have provided to any third party other than those involved in fulfilling the service.

We will not share your personal information with advertisers.

Hormone Solutions may occasionally use your contact details to send you information on new products, prices or promotions we may run from time to time.

Whenever a page is requested by visitors to the Hormone Solutions site the company hosting the site records the time, date and Internet Protocol (IP) address of the request along with information on the browser software being used. This information is used to improve the hosting company's technical infrastructure and performance and is not in any way used to specifically identify you.

The Hormone Solutions server also uses cookies - pieces of information that a website can transfer to an individuals computer. Cookies can make the Hormone Solutions site easier to use by storing information about your preferences relating to your use of the site. The use of cookies is common on the Internet and you will find that most major websites use them. Internet browser software is usually preset to use cookies but you can adjust you browser to refuse them if you wish. However you may find that this reduces the functionality of this site.

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