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Customer Feedback of the Month – July 2011


I want to take a moment to tell you what an absolutely fantastic job Trish Dalton has done handling my order from Lawley. Ordering something from overseas can sometimes be a nerve-wracking experience considering it is quite a bit harder to resolve issues that may arise (whether because of typical circumstances or because you have less recourse should the company not be entirely scrupulous).

That said, you should know that because of my dealings with Trish, I have full confidence in your company and it's ability to respond to anything that may get in the way of me receiving my order. She has been prompt in getting back to me and so understanding and polite, it feels like I am your only customer. I simply cannot thank you enough for employing such an attentive, caring person. I thank you ALL at Lawley for your hard work and dedication.

Please let Trish know how impressed I am with her services. You can rest assured I will be a regular customer and I will be recommending you to all my friends and family (even if it turns out the product isn't what I need right now). Really impressed with you guys.

Thank you so much, and again, please let Trish know how truly appreciated she is.

Kris B, USA

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