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Customer Feedback of the Month – July 2012

I just wanted to share my experience using Androforte 5.

After testing by my physician, it was found that I needed TRT treatment.

My level was very low at 280. I had practically no libido, sleep problems, memory, muscle weakness were a few of my symptoms. At the age of 52, this had been progressively worsening over the past years. I was long overdue to begin taking care of myself.

Initially I was prescribed testosterone cypionate injections, taking 1.5cc of 200 mg every 3 weeks. I was hopeful the results would be beneficial over the course of time. I learned to self-inject, but of course it was painful to do. Then there were the side effects. Not the pleasant boost and other benefits I had wished for, but shortly following every injection, my body withdrew, trying to slow itself down from the extreme reaction I felt from the large dose which seemed to last only a few days, without producing the wanted effects at all. Disappointment would be a mild term for how I felt.

I endured the roller-coaster ride of the injections over a 3 month trial. There had to be a better answer. While researching before beginning treatment, I learned about Androforte 5 and the benefits of steady-dose daily application. I listened carefully to the video segments and learned a lot about why injections weren't doing it for me and how Androforte could help me. At the time it could not be shipped to the United States. I entered my contact info for an update later on.

Recently, after ceasing the injection therapy, I received notice that Hormone Skin Cream.com was now carrying Androforte 5, and it was available through Israel Pharm delivery to the US. I placed an order for 2 tubes, and received them quite promptly within 2 weeks.

I began my first dose as directed, and soon noticed a mild response the next day. I was using 1 ml the first week. Energy, libido, sexual function, mental focus all began to gradually and steadily return to healthy levels. The only side effect noted, was that I had to go to the bathroom very frequently, possibly because my prostate was responding and swelling at first. I dropped the dosage to 1/2 ml for the next week and the problem was relieved. Then I resumed 1 ml daily and for the past 2 weeks am feeling wonderful in every department.

I cannot fully express how good it is to feel like a complete man again, thanks to Androforte 5. Not only in the most obvious ways noticed, but feeling completely natural, without the "rocket ride" and "running out of fuel" effects from the injections. As well as having the testicular shrinkage caused by the injections returning to a healthy size again.

My only regret is not having tried Androforte 5 first, due to shipment restrictions. However, thanks to your efforts and partnership with Hormone Skin Cream.com, we now have a way to receive your wonderful products. Thank you so much for a wonderful, no nonsense, quality answer to our needs.



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