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God bless you guys! You gave me my life and my mojo back. I was lethargic, no sex drive, achy, depressed. Now that's all turned around. I'm being monitored by my physician and he's on board now. I think I know more then him on this subject (lol) even though I was at the low end of my acceptable o...
- W. S.

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Testosterone for Men Self Assessment Questionnaires

The diagnosis of hypogonadism can be facilitated through the use of the AMS (Aging Males' Symptoms) rating scale.

Ageing Male Symptoms (AMS) questionnaire

The Ageing Males Symptoms (AMS) questionnaire is a 17 question self-rating symptoms based questionnaire with three key domains of assessment - mind (5 questions), body (7 questions) and sexual (5 questions). Responses to each question are assigned a rating 1-5 (none to extremely severe) and the total sum of all subscales provides a total score. Scores can range from a total low of 17 to a maximum of 85, with a complaint score measuring greater than 50 considered severe.

The AMS is well suited to assist in both the diagnosis of testosterone deficiency and for the monitoring of treatment in patients using testosterone replacement therapy.

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