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All online orders for Lawley Pharmaceuticals products are processed and shipped internationally by I.L.S. Ltd.

I.L.S Ltd is a long established online provider of quality pharmaceuticals (through www.israelpharm.com, www.testocreams.com and www.IVFpharmacy.com) with an extensive worldwide supply network.

I.L.S Ltd. has established the website www.hormone-skin-cream.net as the portal for accepting orders for AndroFeme®, AndroForte® 2 and AndroForte® 5 testosterone creams and ProFeme® 3.2 and ProFeme® 10 progesterone creams.

For additional information about ILS Ltd see www.i-l-s.biz

Lawley Pharmaceuticals only supplies direct to approved medical practitioners via www.doctordirect.com.au.

When you click on a Buy Now or Order Online button from a Lawley website you will be re-directed automatically to the hormone-skin-cream cart page.

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